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Cosmetic Chemicals

Sells Cosmetic Chemicals CV. Arumdaeun Kimia Sells Cosmetic Chemicals, is the basic chemical used to make facial care cosmetics, hair and other beauty equipment. To reduce the risk of side effects, cosmetics must be made of chemicals that are safe for health and halal. In addition, beauty equipment must also be in accordance with a safe dose.At present there is enough circulation of illegal chemicals and does not meet the distribution requirements in Indonesia. Some of the cases began with complaints from consumers who experienced severe side effects after using dangerous cosmetic ingredients.In order to maintain consumer safety, we sell Cosmetic Chemicals for the face, wounds and other body treatments that are safe and lawful. Not only complete, we also sell Cosmetic Chemicals with the best price offer and customer service. If you need more detailed information, please visit our store or contact us via the number listed.
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